Do you need a new roof? How to know!

By Brian Sullivan

You have many questions about your roof.  We can clear some of them up.

How to know when you need a new roof.

Do you need a new roof… sometimes it’s not as simple as standing under the giant leak in your living room and knowing you have a problem.  Most people don’t climb up on their roof every six months and “check things out”.  Heck… most people don’t even know what they’re looking for when they are up there.  So, do you need a new roof?  How do you know?

According to professionals, a regular roof inspection now could save you from major repairs later.  Even little fixes can keep major repairs at bay…for years.  The biggest thing “keeping your eyes up” will do is give your home a more beautiful appearance and keep the resale value of your house high.

What to do first.

You should inspect your roof.  When inspecting your roof, you can either call a professional roofing company to do it.  Most of them will either do a free estimate, or charge a small fee to do the inspection.($20 to $100 depending on where you live)  If you call a contractor, make sure the company is respectable.  Ask around, do your internet research, or call another type of contractor.  Usually a Window Contractor will know a reputable Roof Guy.

According to The National Roofing Contractors Association, you should do a roof inspection two times a year.  (If you are the kind of person who only brushes your teeth once a day, as opposed to the three times a day the dentist recommends, then you will probably push this to once a year.)  Make sure you inspect in the Spring and Fall of the year.  If you live in Northeast Mississippi, you can call Sullivan Roofs for your inspection.

Inspect my roof… by myself?

Maybe you wanna save the inspection fee, or maybe you actually know what you are doing… then the best place to begin is in your attic.  You can use these things as a guideline for inspecting:

  1. Obvious signs that water has leaked through the roof.

  2. Sagging spots or places that look a little “different” from the rest.

  3. Dark brown or black spots that are larger than a dime.

  4. Sunlight shining through a hole in your roof.

  5. Trails of stain or brown/black trails that tell you water has leaked in the past.

Now check the outside.

Do a walk around of your house and look for obvious signs like shingles that are missing.  Next, get a ladder and take a closer look.  Look for curling shingles, missing shingles, buckling, rotting, blistering, and also look for growth of algae.  Algae forms in the South when we have rainy seasons… and you want to make sure you find that nasty stuff!  Make sure you check around chimneys and pipes.

Sullivan Roofs offers some more tips:

  • Those little granules that come from shingles… look for a bunch of those.  That gives you a clue to the age and wear of your roof.

  • Loose materials that fall from the roof easily.

  • Feel for wet spots.  If it rained yesterday and you still have wet spots today, that means you have some problems.

  • Check your drains and gutters to make sure everything is flowing the right way.

  • Always inspect after hail storms.  Hail is your roof’s enemy.  If you have hail damage, your insurance can cover the damage and a good roof contractor will work with insurance companies.

I’ve inspected my roof… now what?

Hopefully everything is good.  If you only see minor problems with a couple of shingles, don’t fret!  Repairs of this nature aren’t very expensive at all.  If you see signs of major damage, you should call a roofing contractor immediately .    You might have water leaking into your house, rotting wood in the walls and floors.  The longer you wait the worse it WILL get… so call someone right away.

What will a good roofing contractor do?

A good roofing contractor will do the inspection and give you a quote.  You can call around for more inspections or use a company that will give you a low price guarantee like Sullivan Roofs.  A good roofing contractor will start work immediately and work quickly to finish the job.  A good roofing contractor will give you payment options as well…such as a payment plan.

Is a payment plan smart?

Yes.  You may pay a slightly higher price for the financing fee but you can get payments down to where you can afford them.  Some people can’t afford to pay for the whole roof at one time and payment plans keep you from breaking the bank.

If you live in North Mississippi and you need roof repair, you can call Sullivan Roofs and get all of these options with a guarantee of the lowest price around.

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