Roof Repair Cost Tupelo MS

roof repair cost tupelo ms

The national average of roof repair cost is around $200 per square for new roof replacement.  That includes tearing off the old roof and replacing with new shingles.  Sullivan Roofs will come in under the national average every time.  Depending on the job, length of time needed, and materials, the roofing repair cost could be as little as $100 per square.

Roof Repair Costs In the Tupelo MS Area

If your roof repair or new roof is coming in between $100 and $200 per square, you are falling within the range of acceptable costs.  These figures are based on the last quarter of roof repairs done in the North MS area.  For a true estimate, we would need to actually measure and figure out all the details.  As always, Sullivan Roofs offers the lowest roof repair costs in North MS.  However, this guide should help you know what to expect from whichever company you hire.  Granted, some roofing companies have high overhead which will drive costs up.  This is just a general guide to help you plan your costs.

This article is about Roof Repair Cost Tupelo MS… but may apply to your areas as well.


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