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Depending on the damage to your roof or the size of the repair job, quotes can range from low to very high costs.  If you are like most people, you don’t have bundles of cash laying around.  Maybe you only have a small nest egg…

Take Sarah J., from Union County, for instance:

My house was thirty-five years old and I had to replace my entire roof.  The total cost was $4300, which was the best price I had found in Union County.  Still, that amount would have taken  my savings account and left me in a tough situation.  Thanks to Brian at Sullivan Roofs, I was able to put a new roof on right away and pay nothing down.  My monthly payments were only $84 a month.  I could afford that. – Sarah J.

In these hard economic times, Sullivan Roofs is proud to offer financing for all roofing jobs.

  • It only takes a few moments to qualify for our special program.
  • Most people find that their payments are lower than expected.

Call us today and speak with someone in person.  Make sure you ask about the “Roof Now Pay Later” program.  Call 662-426-1234 right now!

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Would you like to know if you qualify for our ROOF NOW PAY LATER program?  It only takes a moment to see if you qualify.  Simply Answer these THREE questions below and you will be notified via email when you qualify.


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    After you click “send”, our system will generate an answer and email you back shortly.  MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL/SPAM MAIL in your email account.  Sometimes emails get stuck in there…especially the first time you contact us.

    See our Price Beater and you will know that we have the lowest prices!

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